About Tim

Tim Gaudreau is an accomplished, well-travelled, award-winning eco-artist and farmer with skills that range from photography, sculpture, and performance art to construction, tractor repair, web site development, home wiring, guitar building, engaging communities and kids in environmental issues, and creative vegetarian cooking with a flair for spices and a disdain for recipes.

Working wood has been in Tim’s DNA from the beginning.  Baby blocks and Lincoln logs gave way to a fondness for dismantling devices to see how they worked.  By middle school, Tim loved to help his dad in the family business, a cabinet shop.  From cabinets to furniture, sculpture to structures, Tim is a maker.  Guitar-making is a culmination of a lifetime of skills, a honed aesthetic,   a love of sharing handmade — aural and visual — beauty and craftsmanship, and a search for transcendence though music.