Eco-art, photography, community engagement, design, sculpture, video

Our Commitment

Tim Gaudreau Studios is a full service creative firm that is committed to creating visually compelling work that meets our clients’ needs and serves as a starting point for self-reflection, dialogue, and civic engagement. We believe these three elements are building blocks to a better, more sustainable world and eco-artist, Tim Gaudreau, has committed his life and work to this. Building on Tim’s creative vision, TGS involves strategic collaborators to forward the needs of particular projects with a common vision and purpose to fuel positive change in the world.


As an Eco-Artist, Tim’s work communicates both my deep respect and concern for our natural environment. Over the course of his career, Tim has been commissioned for installations in public and private venues from California to Maine. From downtown spaces to the lobby of corporate headquarters, from public libraries and middle schools to an 8′ x 64′ structure welcoming an international sales team to their annual meeting, from galleries in San Francisco, CA to Peterborough, NH, Tim’s installations meet the needs of his clients and complement the purpose and function of the spaces in which they are placed.

Core Values

Our local and global environments are intricate eco-systems, which, in their natural state, miraculously self-regulate to maintain balance and harmony. The ever-increasing reach of population and industrialization has upset that balance. Our natural world is now rife with contradictory examples of both the power and fragility of our environment. My work aims to instill in viewers the awe and simple beauty of our natural world. We seek to use our work as a catalyst, sparking discussion, engagement, and exploration of possibility, ultimately empowering viewers to be active participants in constructive change.

Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is a critical element of my creative process. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met. I seek opportunities to mold together the ideas and needs of multiple constituencies to create work relevant to the desired audience. Many hands don’t necessarily make light work, but they do engender an invaluable sense of excitement, ownership and common pride in an installation. Most people involved in a project not only become advocates for the piece, but they also become active supporters of public art that enriches communities.


Tim’s unique range of skills and experience enable him to navigate a wide array of distinctive and challenging projects. His creative mind and artistic training embolden him to generate innovative ideas and allow me to translate those ideas into the visual realm. Our experience supports us in honing concepts, surmounting problems, and designing integrated pieces and programs that work. Tim is especially adept at project and team management, brainstorming and problem solving and has successfully managed surprisingly complex small-scale projects to long-term, large-scale projects with budgets over $50,000. Meanwhile, we know the intricacies of sculpture, photography, painting, illustration, video, and new media. We have considerable experience in 3-D fabrication, building design and construction. These skills enable me to execute any concept with confidence and precision into an effective visual piece.